What is Structure?

We created Structure to help make the rental property industry more accessible to more people. We want to provide an app so easy to use that anybody can manage their own buildings, and communicate better with the people that live in them and work on them.

We know you don't have the time to learn a lot of new technology. We make an effort to understand property management workflow, so our app is designed to take as little guesswork as possible.

Most other property management software is focused on reporting and financial tools, and are not so easy on the eyes. Our approach is to help you with the tasks of property management, and to help you work more quickly through good design -- your time is valuable. We help new and small investors in real estate get things done, so taking care of your assets is easier.

We're also one of only a few companies that offer a free version for DIY property owners -- not just a limited trial. Let us know what you think!

You can watch a video walk-through of the app here.

Our Team

We are a small and diverse team here at Structure. Talk to us on Twitter so we can take a break and learn more about how things work for you.

photo of Jeff Blanchard

Jeff Blanchard  -  Product Architect

Jeff spends a lot of time thinking about how to make things work better, and occasionally writes some code that reflects those thoughts. He likes to ride motorbikes when they aren’t taken apart, and head into the countryside to find things to shoot (with his camera).

He started a historic building rehab group at the age of 26; at the same time some friends were creating a property management company across town. With Jeff needing a tool to keep tabs on his buildings and communicate with partners, and the friends’ PM company needing a management tool to grow, Structure emerged. And now, well here it is.

photo of Angela Tanudjaja

Angela Tanudjaja  -  Communication Director

Angela likes to hit trees with sticks and stand on one leg on a mat. She has lived in four countries and speaks four languages. She also works as security at Structure... But nobody has to know that.

Angela graduated cum laude with a BS in business marketing and a BA in communication advertising from Indiana University. She’s overachieving to bring more cool people into the worlds of business & real estate. She worked as an independent consultant for a while before getting hitched by Structure.

photo of Deanna Mitchell

Deanna Mitchell  -  UX Designer

Deanna is Structure's User Experience & Interface Designer. She has spent the last 14 years of her career designing elegant, efficient and sophisticated web experiences for clients big and small; you can follow her on Dribbble.

In her free time, Deanna works on her top secret Android application (announcement coming soon!) and going outside; which is a rarity in our industry. She enjoys working in her garden, paddleboarding, trail running, biking to her favorite local eateries, or practicing archery. Sometimes all of it in the same day.

photo of Kate Lindley with her pug, Percy

Kate Lindley  -  Support Lead

Kate's favorite little bit is her pug, Percy. One of her favorite things to do is take pictures. She watches the food network, tries new recipes then changes the recipes to make them her own unique way.

She provides support for Structure every day and communicates with the team members to suggest changes that will improve performance.

Please contact us if you have any questions; we are happy to help your business make the transition to Structure.