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Free for Lots of Folks!

No doll hairs needed -- totally free accounts for DIY Owners and Really Small Businesses that want just the basics. We hope for your props, and your feedback will help Structure continually improve.

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Quite Affordable for Small Businesses

We have additional tools for accounting, management, tenant/owner portals and more for not a lot of loot. With this upgrade you can customize things a bit with your own logo & color scheme in the header of your website, reports, invoices and letters.

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More for Overachievers

If you have the kind of company who wants a web presence that is all your own, we can help you make that happen. We’ll tailor you a unique website on top of Structure’s architecture like a slim-fitted suit and your own special tie too.

The Details

Up to 2 users or 15 units

Community forum for support, mini site with your company logo in footer, units available, about us & contact us pages hosted for you at http://yourcompany.structure.pm.

Great for self-managed owners & small partnerships that want to centralize and simplify.


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Unlimited users & units

Manage unlimited owners' properties, plus get web-based support from our staff. Your site gets your company logo in the header, and a color scheme to match your branding. More apps and features including: tenant portal, detailed reporting, batch repairs & tasks, form letters and others not included with free service.

Start with the free account if it suits you, and move to a Small Business account as you grow.

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Unique design, URL and more

Get everything above, plus we'll build a website that fits your company's specific needs, hosted at www.yourcompany.com. We can do the same for a high-profile property you have that needs to draw traffic. Adds the ability to collect rent payments online, and phone support.

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Please contact us if you have any questions; we are happy to help your business make the transition to Structure.